How It Works

Live Shows

We host regular live shows on our Facebook page. Follow us there to keep up with deals and see when we go live!

Prefer text messages to Facebook notifications? Sign up for our text alerts by texting GottaHaveIt to (877) 934-1041.


How It Works

To purchase from our Facebook shows, register here:

Alternatively, during a live show, type “register” in the comment box. A link will pop up for you to click on and just follow the prompts.


During the live show

Type “sold & item #” to win an item you want (e.g., sold 74).

If you change your mind on an item you won, type “pass item #” in the comment box (e.g., pass 74).

At the end of the show, you will receive an invoice for all of your items you won in your Facebook Messenger and/or the email you registered with.

Invoices expire in 1 hour, so pay it immediately.

Indicate if you are picking up in store or if you want it shipped. We ship to US states only, and all sales are final.



Shipping is a flat fee of $8.99. Please choose one of three options:

  • “Ship immediately”
  • “Combine my shipping for the week, pay now $8.99”
  • “Combine my shipping for the week, already paid”

“Combine my shipping” means you can shop all Facebook shows during the week, Sunday through Saturday, and all of your items purchased will be shipped together the following Monday.


Pick up in store

You must pick up your order within 3 days, or your order will be cancelled.

Pick up is at our Grand Blanc store only, located at 6070 Fenton Rd. (just south of Hill Rd), Monday-Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM, and Sundays, noon-5 PM.

We will capture your credit card payment at the time you physically pick up your items, so you will have the chance to try them on! At that time, if something doesn’t fit, we can take it off your total charge.



If you have any questions during the live show, just type it in the comment box.

If you have questions about your invoice after the live show has ended, please message us through our Facebook Messenger and we will get back with you with answers as soon as we can. Please keep in mind we are not a 24/7 operation, so we may not be able to get back with you until the next morning after 10 AM.